Anchor Staff

Amy Koffel-Staggs

Amy has a long history of competitive excellence that many do not know.  At the age of 5 she told her parents she wanted to go to the Olympics in gymnastics.  Though that did not happen it did not deter Amy to compete at the highest level possible not only in gymnastics but also spring board diving.  With numerous State, Regional and National titles, she is also a 4X All-American, published poet, and accomplished coach with athletes winning State, Regional and National titles as well as being assistant coach for an Olympic diver.  She understands not only the skill development it takes to continue to excell at the top levels of sport, but also the mental and emotional aspects and strives to work with the athletes in all areas.   She is a mother to 3 strong and talented children and through her adversity of a previous marriage of 10 years surviving all types of abuse, she has found herself an advocate and volunteer for State and National agencies who are working to change legistlation and bring awareness to Family Violence, the need to protect children when a parent and children leave violent relationships and support for the long term after a parent and children leave.  These agencies include but are not limted to, CDVA, TAASA, PPC, PPA, Children’s Justice Campaign and DV Leap.  Amy tends to get loud in the gym with her energy and silly dances as she motivates the athletes she is working with at all levels.

Karl Staggs –

Karl is a 20+ year veteran in the Fire Service.  This journey started for him when he was first told the story of his grandfather passing while saving his family from a house fire.  Today Karl serves Midland Fire Department as a Captain and continues that service minded heart with his desire to see Anchor Athletics Academy continue to grow and serve the Permian Basin.  As an athlete, Karl was an Olympic Trial swimmer, highly recruited college athlete and signed with Arizona Wildcats, later stepping back on the pool deck as a well respected and accomplished coach.  He enjoyed being by his daughter’s side as she excelled in her softball career through school and then his son as he persued swimming and diving at COM.  Karl serves at Renew Life Church when his MFD schedule permits, and since his marriage to Amy in 2013 is also an advocate to stopping the cycle of Family Violence as he has seen the lasting impacts it has created for Amy and her children.

Stephanie Rice –

Stephanie Rice is in charge of our recreational program here at Anchor Athletics. She has been a gymnast/cheerleader pretty much her whole life. She started competitive gymnastics at the age of 4 and competed until she was 8 years old. She then did school gymnastics until she was in the 8th grade. In the 7th grade, she began cheerleading and continued cheering until graduating college. Stephanie was cheerleading captain at Permian High School and then cheerleading captain at Concordia University. She began coaching in high school, helping younger children with their cheerleading skills. It instantly became a passion to help children improve their skills. As a sophomore in college, she became the temporary cheerleading coach for the Odessa College cheerleading squad, and also began coaching at Champions Academy in Austin, TX. She coached at Champions for three years, has a Bachelor’s Degree in kinesiology and loves teaching and coaching children gymnastics and cheerleading in a fun and safe environment.


Coach Nic– Boys Team and Parkour

Coach Randie- Girls Team and Recreational

Coach Melanie– Girls Recreational

Coach EmrieGirls Recreational

Coach Ashley Special Needs, Ninja, and Recreational

Coach Brookelyn Cheer and Recreation

Coach Kendall Cheer, Gymnastics, and Private Lessons


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