Special Needs Program


BIG FUN’s goal is to give each child the opportunity to experience what all children are entitled to: an active life that is filled with excitement, self-confidence, discovery, and fun. The over-arching goal of BIG FUN Recreational Programs is to promote the integration of children with disabilities into all aspects of life – family, school, and community – through recreational activities. Coaches build personal, nurturing bonds with their students, which allow the children to excel far beyond their limits. Sessions at BIG FUN empower children to maintain the strength and endurance demands of peer play when at a playground. The BIG FUN sensory diet teaches self-regulation and modulation of behaviors which, in turn, helps children be more alert and organized at school and relaxed at restaurants, the shopping mall, and family outings and gatherings.

The BIG FUN approach facilitates sensory play through:

• Climbing
• Tumbling/rolling
• Obstacle course
• Trampoline
• Balance beam
• Developing upper extremity strength
• Increasing knowledge of location in space
• Problem solving and creativity
• Developing lower extremity strength
• Coordination, balance, and focus

This approach provides the structure necessary for all children to excel in gymnastics: waiting, taking turns, sharing equipment, and maintaining appropriate behavior.  The gymnastics environment provides an abundance of therapeutic activities to increase strength, ROM, balance and improve sensory processing, motor planning, and organizational behavior. Many times the children do not even realize how much their bodies are benefiting from their favorite activity, which is often the trampoline. The sensory experiences that are available in the gym prepare the body and its nervous system to learn. The children can then utilize their newly acquired gymnastics skills and modify them to accomplish functional goals. A full workout with therapeutic effects can be accomplished in the gym through fun, laughing, and activities.  A battery of assessments and observations are used to assist in determining each child’s initial level of functioning in the areas of gross-motor, fine-motor, sensory processing, and organizational behavior.

BIG FUN  is recommended for children:

• On the Autistic Spectrum
• Cerebral Palsy, all forms
• Mental Retardation
• Down’s Syndrome
• Sensory Integration Issues
• Apraxia/Dyskinesia
• Visual/Perceptual Issues
• Strength/Endurance Issues
• Rett Syndrome
• Fragile X Syndrome
• Deaf-Blind
• Traumatic Brain Injury
• Behavioral Issues
• Social/Communication Issues

• Attention Deficit Disorder
• Attention Hyper-Activity Disorder
• Seizure Disorders
• Multiple Diagnoses
• Amputation(s)
• Spina Bifida
• Muscular Dystrophy
• Multiple Sclerosis
• Angelman’s Syndrome
• Spinal Cord Injury
• Cognition Disorders
• Bipolar Disorder
• Fine Motor Issues



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